Our company`s experience in production of complicated technical devices is 15 years and we have all the necessary conditions and what is important machines to produce reliable and hi-grade equipment. In the process of the production and the assembly every device is made by the group of the qualified engineers, radioadjusters and testers. Every single thing is under control, every parameter is controlled so that if there is something wrong with it, it will be redone until the device meet all the requirements.


The casing of the device is made of ABS - plastic and some of them are decorated with wood or is to say with veneer.  The feedstocks are sent to the milling N/C machine where the perforations are made. In such a way we make the fore-part of the casing, the back part where tumblers are generally placed, indications and some other control components.

Perforations scheme

Perforations for jammers
Perforations details Jammers details


The Electronic part of the production.

The ultrasonic module is designed and carefully thought out by our engineers. We managed to achieve maximum effectiveness of ultrasonic transmitters. The transmitters are grouped and every group is set to a certain subband.

Ultrasonic transmitters

The boards are commissioned for all the necessary modules.

Jammers modules

The department of radioassembling  is focused on another peculiar thing. That is where the board gets its main parts. The assembly is controlled by the department of the product control.

Jammers module Jammers module

Ultrasonic modules are tested so that they be in conformity with all the parameters. The frequency range is controlled to be between 23.5 and 25.5 kHz while the level of sounds suppression is controlled to be 90 decibels. The level of the sound suppression is under a great control because it must be less than 100 decibels

Suppression tester

The module of the interference generator is calibrated with the help of spectrum analyzers where all the necessary frequencies are controlled to meet all the standards.

Spectrum analyzer

The generation module of the acoustic interference is tested with the help of special equipment where the amplitude-frequency characteristic is controlled. It is necessary to keep up the line of the sound range to be filled completely.

Amplitude frequency character

Assembly and packing

The staff of the assembly-room installs all the device modules in the casings.

Assembling modules Assembling modules Assembling modules

After the installation of modules every device is tested once more and if everything is ok, it is time for the final step – for the packing.

Packaging is carried out in a durable, hermetic case.

Jammers packaging Jammers packaging into case