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Ultrasonic and Chameleon voice recorder jammers
Made by Logos Company - Russia!

Voice recorder jammers and suppressors – technical solution aimed to protect information from unsanctioned recording, in other words – such devices provide you with full protection against data leakage of personal or commercial value during the negotiations or talks. The jammers will not allow any listening device to record your voice, when the rest of the people within the range are not aware of the jammer presence! There are several means of jamming: ultrasonic, acoustic etc. You can also use all means of jamming at the same time to provide maximum security.

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Information protection unit “Chameleon ANG-3”

Information protection unit “Chameleon ANG-3” - multifunctional unit for protection negotiations rooms against listening devices, voice recorders, laser microphones and wireless bugs.

  • Jamming type: acoustic interference;
  • 10 frequency bands jamming;
  • Vibroacoustic protection for windows;
  • Remote control.
$ 680
€ 610
Ultrasonic voice recorder jammer “Chameleon-12-GSM-Handbag”

Ultrasonic voice recorder jammer "Chameleon Handbag 12 GSM" is a portable jamming unit placed in leather handbag. Equipped with mobile communication jammer and biult-in battery.

  • Ultrasonic jamming;
  • Mobile communication jamming;
  • Battery operating;
  • Affordable price.
$ 580
€ 520
Chameleon-Clutch -12-Light

Ultrasonic voice recorder jammer "Chameleon 12 Clutch Light" is a portable jammer placed in a leather clutch. Equipped with ultrasonic jammer and battery.

  • Stylish "Montblanc" casing
  • Ultrasonic jamming
  • Battery operating
  • Affordable price
$ 490
€ 440

Ultrasonic voice recorder jammer “Chameleon-Speaker-12-Dual” - two speaker sound system set with ultrasonic emitters for jamming all kinds of voice recording devices.

  • Ultrasonic jamming;
  • Regular sound system look;
  • Remote operation
  • Doubled jamming
$ 700
€ 630

Ultrasonic voice recorder jammer “Chameleon-Speaker-12-GSM” -  two sound speaker set with built-in ultrasonic emitters for jamming all kinds of voice recording devices.

  • Ultrasonic jamming
  • PC speaker look.
  • Remote control
  • Affordable price
$ 650
€ 580

Ultrasonic voice recorder jammer “Chameleon-Speaker-12-Light” - two sound speaker set. One speaker with built-in ultrasonic emitters for jamming voice recording devices, the other is for regular sound speaker purpose.

  • Ultrasonic jamming
  • PC sound speakers look
  • Remote control
  • Affordable price 
$ 440
€ 390

Multifunctional meeting room protection unit «Ultrasonic 120 Phantom». Aimed to prevent voice recording in large room for meetings and negotiations. The unit for jamming voice recorders, wireless communication and internet manufactured after regulag ceiling panel.

  • 10 mobile GSM frequencies and mobile internet jammer;
  • Powerfull ultrasonic radiation with 120 ultrasonic emitters;
  • Low-frequency acoustic jamming;
  • Protection  between main and panel ceiling;
  • Istallation into standard "Armstrong" ceiling panel.
$ 2280
€ 2030

Voice recorder and mobile communication jammer "UltraSonic-18-GSM"  is an all-purpose unit, able to to secure confidentiality of your meetong, talks or negotiations by jamming voice recorders and wireless communication

  • Jamming 10 communication bands;
  • Ultrasonic jamming;
  • Acoustic jamming;
  • Adjustable vulume;
  • Battery operating
$ 1050
€ 940

Ultrasonic voice recorder and mobile communication jammer "Ultrasonic 24-GSM" is an all-purpose jammer, aimed to prevent data recording to digital voice recorders, and data transmitting via mobile communication or wireless internet channels.

  • 10 frequencies jamming;
  • Ultrasonic jamming
  • Acoustic jamming
  • Adjustable volume
  • Battery operating
$ 1230
€ 1090

Ultrasonic voice recorder and mobile communication jammer «Ultrasonic-50-GSM». The unit able to jam voice recording, mobile communication and internet. Manufactured after regular 2 speaker sound system.

  • 10 jamming frequencies;
  • Powerful ultrasonic radiation;
  • Low-frequency acoustic jamming;
  • Mobile communication and internet jamming within 50 meters 
$ 1670
€ 1480

Portable ultrasonic voice recorder jammer «UltraSonic-6-SPY» - the unit, aimed to protect from recording to various kinds of devices like: analog and digital voice recorders, modern smartphones and cellphones.

  • Ultrasonic jamming;
  • Acoustic jamming;
  • Up to 4 hours of battery operation time.
$ 610
€ 550
The ultrasonic voice recorders and wireless communication suppressor "UltraSonic-SHAJBA-50-GSM"

Ultrasonic voice recorder and mobile communication jammer «Ultrasonic-SHAJBA-50-GSM», is an indoor jamming unit, able to prevent voice recording and data transmission within its range. The most distinctive feature of the jammer is its 360 jamming range.

  • 10 jamming frequencies;
  • 48 ultrasonic emitters;
  • Remote control;
  • Mobile communication and wireless internet jamming within 15 meters range. 
$ 1050
€ 940

Ultrasonic voice recorder and mobile communication jammer «Ultrasonic-TUBA-50-GSM», is an indoor jamming unit, able to prevent voice recording and data transmission within its range. The most distinctive feature of the jammer is its 360 jamming range.

  • 10 jamming frequencies;
  • 48 ultrasonic emitters;
  • Low-frequency acoustic jamming;
  • Mobile communication and wireless internet jamming within 15 meters range. 
$ 1140
€ 1020

Ultrasonic voice recorder jammer «Ultrasonic-TUBA-50-Light» is an indoor unit able to prevent recording to smartphones, voice reorders and any other kind of recording devices.The unit has 360 jamming range which is a unique feature among this kind of devices.

  • 360 jamming range
  • 48 ultrasonic emitters
  • Low-frequency acoustic jamming
  • Battery operating time up to 2,5 hours.
$ 1000
€ 890
UltraSonic Ring-24 GSM

The ultrasonic voice recorders and wireless communications suppressor "UltraSonic Ring-24 GSM" is designed to protect information from unauthorized audio recordings and data transfer via cellular and mobile Internet during negotiations. Twenty-four ultrasonic radiators are located in a circle of 360 degrees in all directions, thereby achieving maximum effect on the recording devices.

  • 360 jamming range
  • 24 ultrasonic emitters
  • Flat table casing
  • Battery operating time up to 2 hours.
$ 1090
€ 970

You can buy Chameleon jammers at low price on Podavitel.ru. Delivery within Moscow and Russia and all the world!

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